Making Sense of #AppleVsFBI Issues: #DtSR Podcast

The USA v. Apple battle is one of the hottest issues currently being debated in cybersecurity, privacy, law enforcement, and perhaps even, water coolers in offices around the country. What the debate is lacking in substantive, factually-based, well-reasoned analysis, it certainly makes up for in passion and strong opinions. If you are not convinced, spend a few minutes reading the  #AppleVsFBI Twitter Feed.

The #DtSR gang jumped into this debate with Rafal Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit) and Michael Santarcangelo (@Catalyst) hosting guests Dave Kennedy (@HackingDave), Von Welch (@VonWelch), Gary (@livebeef) and Shawn Tuma (@shawnetuma) on the Down the Security Rabbit Hole podcast DtSR Episode 182 – Apple Versus the FBI.

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After listening to the podcast, take a few minutes to read #AppleVsFBIwhat the government argued in response to the “opening Pandora’s Box” argument back in 1977: Just 1 iPhone? For the Government, It’s Always Just 1 [Step] – #AppleVsFBI

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